Gamemastering is a difficult but rewarding work.

I have written this text as a short introduction on ideas, possibilities and considetations that prospective     GM should ponder when one is running a Heavy Gear RPG. My intent is to give few tips and ideas and hopefully help one to come out with something actually usefull.
The concepts presentred here circulate on premises of War as a backdrop. While there are hundreds of perfectly good campaigns that could be built on idea of using a civilian, peaceful pursuits as background to exciting campaign settings, Heavy Gear role playing game definitely leans towards military campaigning. This trend is supported with official product line. For example, throughout descriptions of Terra Novan militaries and their vehicles and equipment have been presented, while civilian vehicles are no where to be seen. Similarly most HG campaigns and various Internet sites presented seem to concentrate on various military units and their fates in individual campaigns. Thus the following text deals predominantly with a concept of military campaigning.
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