Physical/Biological Features
*Age (how character shows one's age? Is it important how others relate to characters age?)
*Gender (how characters expresses (emphasizing or diminishing) one's gender?)
*Height and weight
*Hair, eyes and skin color
*Physical deficiencies (abnormalities, deformations, sicknesses, sensory weaknesses/losses)
*Physical body: bearing (carefree, relaxed, stiff, etc)
*Physical body: build (athletic, willowy, rounded, etc?)
*Movement: movement and rhythm (cat like, fast, slow, swift, etc?)
*Facial expressions (typical to character)
*Manners (gestures and moves, non-verbal expressions?)
*Voice/speech: gestures and moves (high or low tone, short or throat voices? singing, constant etc?) What is the most distinctive feature on one's voice?
*Verbal expression (popular phrases, vocabulary, slang?)
*Inherited genotype (What are inherited physical features?)
*Clothing/Dressing (style, uniqueness)
*Overall impression (attractive, clean, neat, fashionable, clean, messy, dirty)
*Sexuality (How character expresses ones sexuality? How character relates to it? How important it is to character? In what way it works are motivating force? What kind of sexual problem character has?)
*How character expresses physically excitement and emotions (happiness, hate, sexuality, love, sadness)?

Psychological Features
*Intelligence/Wisdom (intellectual? Common sense?)
*Abilities (language skills, abilities and gifts)
*Extrovert, introvert or distant
*Disposition/temperament (optimistic, pessimistic, rebellious, carefree, etc)
*Other qualities (observation, imagination, judgement, presentation, sensitivity, taste, knowledge)
*Complexities/unbalancing factors (inhibitions, phobias, prejudices, superstitions, manias)
*Frustrations and most important disappointments in characters life?
*What kind of pet names character has been given? What do they mean?
*Emotions (what kind of emotions character usually feels? What kind of emotions make character most comfortable? Most uncomfortable?)
*Attitudes towards life (militant, nervous, relaxed, given up, etc)
*What character most like in oneself? And what the least?
*What features character denies or cannot accept? (Hate, sexuality, tenderness, etc?)
*How character relates to oneself? How character relates to other members of group? Is character a winner or loser or does character wants to belong to group?
*Hidden features in characters personality (what they show? What features character knows but hides them from others? What features character does not know but others know them?)

Family Features
*Immediate and extended family background
*Friends and love interests
*Co-workers, employers and employees (who they are? what kind of relations they have and what are characters attitudes towards them?)
*Contacts (other people that character keeps contact)

Cultural Features
*Place of birth (where was raised up? home town?)
*Nationality, ethnic and racial background
*Occupation (What character feels about occupation? What makes character satisfied/dissatisfied there?)
*Socioeconomic position in society
*Surroundings (Where character lives and how does these surroundings affect character? Room, house, neighborhood, village, town or city?)
*Mobility (How character moves around? What's character vehicle, if any?)
*Atmosphere (What is general tone and atmosphere of society around character?
*Hobbies, down time, subjects of interest?
*Special abilities and skills
*Religious opinions (how important they are to character?)
*Political opinions (how important they are to character?)
*Values (moral, ethical, how well character relates to 'common' life?)
*Life style (street, jet set, suburban, if any?)
*Dominant cultural features (what makes character tick in society?)
*Most important events in person's life (in psychological, sociological, interpersonal and cultural setting)
*Goals (for both short and long term)
*Dominant expressions and behavior and first impression character gives out

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