(8th): Bill Gale misses conference, readying himself for a big move?

Chairman of MicroSoftware Incorporated, Bill Gale, did not arrive to InternetNow99 Conference. There had been wide speculation that he would have been a surprise speaker in IN99C due his hasty trip out of Seattle to Chicago. However, billionaire businessman did not arrive to reveal his latest internet strategies leaving many guests disappointed. However, IN99C staff spokesperson explained that that had never any kind of discussion with Mr. Gale on his arrival to conference and that they were as surprised of the wide speculation as everyone else was. Wherever Mr. Gale was, the spokesperson of MicroSoftware stated in Monday morning that "Mr. Gale is in a shape of his life and more than ready to "lock'n'load and kick through some doors" according to his very own words said to me this morning in Seattle." Wall Street welcomed these confident words and MicroSoftware shares punched up some 2.34% in very heavy trading. It is assumed that Mr. Gale personal wealth rose some 3 billion dollars in following today's market rise.

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