(24th): Soul-Searching Turns into Disaster in Caribbean Nightmare

Bullet-ridden bodies of two French tourists were found by local boaters in Bahamian archipelago. Authorities are tight-lipped about exact circumstances of where and when bodies were found but they are looking for witnesses who have seen the couple travelling in Bahamas in hope of tracing their last few days. Pierre and Joan Dupree from Marseille, France travelled through several islands in Bahamas enjoying a long holiday photographing birds and following local wildlife. However, they were both killed in what police sources describe as "gangland-style" murder and their bodies left to sea in order to hide them. Authorities believe that murders were carried out by one of the numerous pirate groups operating in Bahamian area. These musings were described by press as "a pure speculation" and that authorities "just want to close the books quickly". French Consulate in Miami is pressing for authorities to put more manpower to case but Bahaman authorities are skittish to continue mission due lack of manpower and urgent problems in surging drug trade.


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