January 4th (MON) Game Session 001: (First Mission)
Alice Wilcox is called to a meeting with Senior Cell Leader Tykes (10.00). She receives first 'hard' mission in her career in BE. A German Engineer (Wolfgang Abel) is arriving to Miami tomorrow and she is supposed to work as his bodyguard. There are no known threats against him but American Client (MicroTech Services Inc) is arranging this protection to calm down German Company (CellNET AG). Alice also receives a data packet from MicroTech Inc (at 11.00) that describes that Herr Abel is expected to stay in Hyatt Regency Coral Gable hotel for one to seven days. 

She will at first contact a reliable car hire service to hire an Audi A8 short model for mission (11.30). Her attempts to ask for help from hotel are rebuffed by hotel security director who sees going through security details as waste of time (12.00). Next she phones to security manager in CellNET AG in Germany (13.00) to ask for details of Wolfgang Abel's trip to Miami as well as time when he will actually arrive. Germans do not actually know the time of Herr Abel who is exceedingly busy. However, they believe he will arrive between 06.00 and 09.00 to Miami depending on when he leaves Germany and what routes he takes. Next she takes a taxi to car rental, picks up an Audi A8 short model (14.30) and drives to MicroTech Inc (15.30). She fills up all necessary paperwork for permission to enter company property (Mr. Abel's permission will be done by company) as well as parking space permission for her Audi A8 (16.00). Finally she drives few times a number of selected group of route between hotel and MicroTech office to learn better the actual route and possible security problems along it (17.00 - 21.00). 

Having worked all day she returns home to meet her beloved Dali, take him for a jogging (21.00), buys herself a good book to read (Sherlock Holmes adventures), and returns home at (22.00). She checks her cell phone and notices a text message of Germans telling that Herr Abel arrives to Miami International Airport at 07.30 through route Frankfurt-Paris-Miami.

January 5th (TUE)
Alice wakes up at 05.00. She dresses well and puts her SigSauer P225 into a shoulder holster and leaves for airport (05.30). Traffic is bad and she arrives there at (07.00). However, the flight is late and thus she sits in cafeteria lobby reading a book while waiting for flight to land. 

Alice is waiting at the reception area with a paper note when plane lands (0845) and Abel arrives. He is angry and tired of long flight and being late. She leads him to car while Airport VIP Service carries his luggage. He wants to get immediately to MicroTech and she drives him to there (10.00). They agree that Abel informs her when he wants her to pick him up. 

Alice kills her time going to nearby shopping mall to eat something and going to movies to kill time while waiting for Abel to inform when he wants to leave office. Alice calls for her neighbor old lady Melissa, who will take care of Dali on her absence (18.00). Long boring day of many movies continues until she gets message (20.00). She drives immediately back to office but Abel is late and does not arrive to until late (22.00). 

Alice drives quiet and irritated Abel to hotel (23.00). They agree to meet at lobby in 0730. After Abel has got himself a room and goes to rest Alice sees that it is too late to go home. Instead she asks for a hotel room at the same hallway, which she gets as well as alarm for morning. She gets a hot shower, and falls in sleep quickly in soft hotel bed...

January 6th (WED)
Alice wakes up (06.30) and eats at hotel breakfast room (0700) meeting Abel who sits in same table as she does. Following breakfast (0730) she drives Abel to office (0830) in normal traffic. He thinks he'll be finished at 18.00. 

Alice drives home to tend Dali (0930), puts some extra clothing to day bag (1000) and drives to BE office (1100). There is a mission debriefing (13.00) with Senior Cell Leader Tykes who wants to know how mission is going on. Mr. Tykes has received information from Americans that Abel probably flies back to Germany in Friday. Alice goes next through her email doing paperwork (14.00 - 15.00). She has also received an invitation for a dinner arranged by one of the companies that she has written a report on security details. She writes back a response accepting that invitation. After a quick lunch in Johnson Tower's ground floor restaurant (16.00) she drives to MicroTech (17.00) to wait for Abel and waits for him in lobby. 

Abel arrives at set time (18.00) and is in fairly good mood. A gray haired man, who is a MicroTech CEO, accompanies him. Traffic on highway is totally jammed due traffic accident and thus Alice decides to try alternative route. She gets lost and drives accidentally into ghetto (18.30). At traffic lights 2 young black men, who are on drugs, approach car. Alice sees them and drives away from the scene as fast as he can. Abel is working with his laptop and does not even notice what happened. They arrive to hotel without further problem (19.15). 

Alice asks from Abel any further plans for evening. He invites her for a business dinner at 20.00 in hotel restaurant. Evening continues along with gourmet dinner and polite, professional discussion. When dinner end (22.00) they separate and retire for evening after agreeing to meet in lobby at 07.00.

January 7th (THU)
Alice wakes up (06.00) and eats at hotel breakfast room (0630) meeting Abel there. Following breakfast (0700) she drives Abel to office (0800) in normal traffic. On arrival doors are opened to them and Gray haired man is on door waiting for Wolfgang Abel. 

Alice drives home (09.00), goes jogging with Dali and makes lunch to show her gratitude to her neighbor (11.00) and eats with her. She goes shopping, spends time at home reading email and Sherlock Holmes adventures. She drives to MicroTech (17.00) arriving in time for Abel. Abel is at good mood and is shaking hands and chatting with gray haired man (18.00). However, just when he is about to enter the car, gray haired man invites Abel for a dinner. They'll leave with a helicopter for a beach resort and Alice gets a free evening. She waits on parking lot until Abel has stepped on helicopter and leaves towards beach. 

Alice drives then home (19.00) and makes supper for her neighbor. Following chat she spends her time on gymnastics. At 21.00 Abel informs that he'll leave hotel at 09.00 and he does not need ride to hotel. Thus she goes to a small bar (21.30) close by for a drink and to chat with regulars. She arrives home at 24.00.

January 8th (FRI)
Alice wakes up (07.30) drives to hotel (08.30) and waits in lobby for Abel to arrive. He comes with his luggage and clearly a hangover from last night's celebration. She drives him to MicroTech office (09.30). Abel does not know exactly when he leaves so Alice leaves for nearby shopping mall to spend her time (10.00). 

Alice spends her time in mall watching movie and Abel informs her that he'll need a pick up at 15.00 and plane will leave at 19.00 to Europe. She drives for MicroTech office arriving at 14.30 and gives up her personal and car space permissions with security people on gate. Wolfgang Abel arrives accompanied by gray haired man. They shake hands formally and leave for airport (15.00). 

Traffic is light and they arrive Miami International Airport quickly (15.30). Airport service handles luggage to plane. Abel goes shopping next (15.30-16.30) buying gifts for her family, dolls for wife and daughter and model airplane for son. Alice helps him to select a perfume for his wife and gets a small bottle of same perfume as a gift. Then they spend time in VIP lounge eating well (16.30 - 18.00). Finally she escorts Abel to passport checkup and sees him to go through it (18.15). 

Next Alice wraps up the mission. She'll return Audi back to car rental (18.30). However, since there does not seem to any kind of traffic she tries just how fast Audi A8 really goes (officially 211 km/h). She returns home at 19.00 with a taxi.

January 9th (SAT)
Holiday spending for Cell 10. 

Peter Alexander contacts BlackEagle that his child has been kidnapped and that kidnappers have instructed him to use BE as negotiator. Cell 4 has been assigned to deal with negotiations immediately and Cell 8 have been assigned as backup and give Cell 4 more manpower.

January 10th (SUN)
Holiday spending. However, Alice spends some time writing a report with her laptop on what happened on her mission (12.00 - 16.00). 

Cell 4's ordinary jobs are moved to Cell 5 and Cell 6 while Cell 10 receives Cell 8's day jobs.

January 11th (MON) Game Session 002: (Bay Watch, Slippery Fingers)
Alice Wilcox arrives at work (08.00) and gives to Senior Cell Leader Tykes a report of what happened in bodyguard mission with Wolfgang Abel. At 08.30 Michael Smythe arrives to work in BlackEagle and is assigned to Cell 10 according to orders of Tykes. He introduces Alice and Smythe to each other (09.00) and gives them immediately a possible insurance fraud mission. They leave with Smythe's gray and nondescript car for Honest Joe's Chop-Chop workshop (9.30). They check up papers and cars (10.30) and finally come into conclusion (11.30) that there is no foul play involved. 

They receive orders from BE's lawyer that they should go into the Opa-Locka Airport and pick up a package and bring it to BE office. They leave immediately (12.30) and arrive in good time (13.30). Following filling up forms they receive a metal container and leave for Johnson Tower (14.00). Traffic is completely clogged and they arrive at 16.00 to meet lawyer who takes the contained and Smythe carries it to BE's Safe Room for safe keeping.

January 12th (TUE)
Alice and Smythe spend morning (08-00 - 11.30) writing up security reports for Cell 8 that has been assigned to another job in yesterday evening. This work is mostly finishing off reports half done or almost finished by Cell 8. 

At afternoon, they have to make a security check up in a small store on behalf of Cell 8. They leave at 12.30 and arrive in 13.30. Along the drive they learn a bit of each other and their experiences in life. Small store has had way too much losses due shoplifting. Alice discusses with store manager and with clerks. Alice digs up situation deeper and comes into conclusion that there is a gang problem. Some local gang apparently shoplifts from this shop and low paid clerks are not going to put up against gang members who might be dangerous. She suspects that some employees might be either threatened or bribed to stay quiet about it. Employees have also no training to deal with this sort of trouble. Meanwhile Smythe takes photos of both shop and employees looking mostly at physical protection of shop. They leave at 16.30 having finished up.

January 13th (WED)
Alice and Smythe work morning (08.00 - 11.30) continuing security checkup of shop. They dig up information concerning crime rate on area, gang situation and other background checks when Senior Cell Leader arrives to give Cell 10 an urgent new mission (12.00). They will have to go to Dallas immediately and pick up a suitcase and take it to Tampa. Briefcase and its contents must be protected. Next flight will leave at 15.00. Secretary has ordered plane tickets already. 

Smythe drives Alice to her apartment (12.45) and gets home (13.00) to pack up for a trip. He leaves home (13.30) picking up Alice who arranges her neighbor to take care of with Dali while she packs up overnight bag for flight. They get in airport just in time (15.00) and then wait for 30 minutes as plane is late. Flight to Dallas, Texas takes 2.5 hours and Alice works on laptop while Smythe tries to endure constricted passenger seats and phones from aircraft phone to his family on how things are going on in home. 

Cell 10 arrives to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in 18.00 Miami time. Senior Cell Leader of BlackEagle's Texas office (in Houston) meets them as well as his four men of Cell 1. Both sides check up identity of each other. Cell 10 receives briefcase (silver colored Samsonite case). Since next plane will not leave until several hours from now, the Texan Senior Cell Leader offers them a good long steak dinner in restaurant in airport followed by general polite discussion of work in BE. Plane leaves at midnight Miami time and Texans escort Cell 10 to gateway and wait that plane leaves.

January 14th (THU)
Return trip is fast (wind seems to be favorable) and they land on Tampa in the night (02.30). Again both sides check each other's identity and briefcase is given to Cell 4 Leader who leaves with his team soon afterwards. Meanwhile Cell 10 stays in Tampa International Airport lounge waiting for morning plane back to Miami. Morning plane flight is small ATR plane that leaves at 06.30 and arrives at 07.00 to Miami. Smythe drives Alice home and then goes to his home (08.00) for sleep. 

Smythe spends his morning jogging and then going to sleep. Alice sleeps until she wakes up at noon and goes for jogging with Dali, then does some Aikido exercises and dancing. However, cell phone alarms her to work (14.00). Smythe calls her soon too and picks her up from home (1415). They arrive to Johnson Tower (14.30) for talk with Tykes. Briefcase they collected and gave to Cell 4 Leader had ransom money a millionaire businessman Peter Alexander has collected in Texas to avoid suspicion and BE Cell 4 and Cell 8 have been assigned to deal with negotiations. Cell 10 has been assigned to work as a backup for them during exchange. Utmost caution is essential. They have to link up with Cell 4 and 8 in Tampa. 

Smythe drives Alice to home (16.00) and both pack up an overnight bag for a short trip and leave for Tampa (17.00) with Smythe's car. Road has only little traffic but Smythe is a slavish followed of speed regulations (and freaked up on driving wrong side of road). However, trip takes a lot more time than expected due them getting lost. They arrive five hours later (23.00) to motel to meet super-pissed off Cell 4 Leader. Anyway, he briefs Cell 10 of situation and gives both of them work to do during exchange.

January 15th (FRI)
Wake-up is at 07.00. Following sturdy breakfast Cell 10 gets ready to exchange by going shopping (9.00). Smythe comes out with Bermuda shorts, tourist T-shirt and sandals and sun hat while Alice settles for two piece swimsuit, sun lotion, Harlequin romance novel and other essentials for young lady enjoying her time in beach. Finally (9.30) Cell 4 and 10 leave for beach while Cell 8 goes to stakeout diner. 

Actual stakeout in beach is uneventful. At noon, Alice notices a boat that stops for some distance from beach and people are looking at the beach with binoculars. After some time the boat leaves the area. Smythe misses the action as he sits somewhat further away in a deck chair drinking lemonade and reading tourist guide. Stakeout continues through the day until Cell 4 leader calls it off at 16.00 due lack of kidnappers coming to meeting. All Cells return to motel soon afterwards with Cell 10 at 17.30. Smythe calls for home to explain that he will not arrive for this weekend due work. Needless to say, discussion gets rather up. 

At 20.00 Kidnappers send message to BE team that new exchange will be same place at Saturday morning at 10.00. Rest of the evening goes along with watching TV and talking with other members of BE team.

January 16th (SAT)
Wakeup is at 07.00 with sturdy breakfast and work for everybody is gone through once more. A BE team leaves (8.00) hotel heading for beach arriving around 9.00. 

At 10.00 kidnappers boat finally arrives. They scout the beach for several minutes before water scooter arrives to beach with a kidnapper bringing a child. Cell 4 Leader and Davina King handles the exchange with kidnapper checking the validity of cash. However, during the exchange lifeguard notices that water scooter is on beach and closes to inform the pilot that this is illegal. Approach of lifeguard makes kidnapper nervous who readies himself for possible problem and Alice is ready to spring into action. However, Smythe confronts the lifeguard be playing British tourist who is completely at lost in Tampa and slows down lifeguard who stops to help this apparently helpless foreign tourist. Exchange goes without hitch and Cell 4 retreats immediately to take care of child and to reunite him with his family. 

Cell 10 leaves the beach later (10.45) and is ordered by Cell 4 Leader to clean up the motel. Arriving there (11.45), Alicia and Smythe start to clean up the hotel rooms with Alicia checking that everything is properly cleaned up and checked and Smythe carrying whatever gear was left behind by other teams to their car and burning carefully everything left over. They leave for Miami in 14.00 and arrive there 15.00 with Smythe dropping Alice to her home he driving home. However, while driving home they receive commendation from Senior Cell Leader for job well done.

January 17th (SUN) Session 003: (Slippery Fingers)
Smythe leaves home for Johnson Tower in the morning (09.00) arriving there at 10.00 to work on security plan for shop. He goes through crime situation on area, building schematics and digitizes all pictures. He comes up with security system upgrade including mirrors on walls, video surveillance on shop (including sales clerks) and perhaps hiring an uniformed guard service to be on shop at times to deter hoodlums with presence. He leaves around 16.00 and gets home at 17.00. Rest of his evening goes fairly well on watching TV and reading newspapers. 

Alice on the other hand is asked to accompany Cell 8 in their bodyguard mission for the entire week. They have been tasked to protect a witness for ongoing trial including a Mafia element. Police insists that they have always one person with witness, Henriette Jones, and thus Cell 8 asks for one woman (Alice) to accompany only woman on Cell 8. She works on night shift guarding Miss Jones from 20.00 to 08.00. Actually she spends most of her time writing up a report to Senior Cell Leader and to Cell 4 Leader on what happened on behalf of Cell 10 in kidnapping case. She emails it to both bosses early in the morning.

January 18th (MON)
Alice leaves hotel she has been working at 08.00 and spends most of the day sleeping at home, playing with Dali and exercising. She leaves for hotel at 19.00 and gets there by 20.00 starting her shift to guard Ms. Jones. 

Smythe leaves home (07.00) and due traffic jams cannot get there until late (10.00). He spends most of his day turning his concepts for security solution into decent report. Following personal disagreements with him and his word processor, Smythe asks for a chance to go exercise his shooting skill from Senior Cell Leader Tykes (16.00). Tykes agree and Smythe drives to BlackEagle's Training Center in Everglades (17.00). After some time of honing his pistol firing skills with SigSauer P226 he tests H&K PSG-1 for the next series. Smythe's real intention is not so much to shoot but to get a hold of some of the instructors. Smythe explains that his own experience and training has given him preciously little skills for taking down people alive. They go together for a bar to drink few beers (19.00) and talk of how police in Miami (and in US in general) think of BlackEagle in general and use of weapons in particular. Smythe requests and instructors agree to teach him some basics of non-lethal weaponry on tomorrow evening. Then Smythe goes back home arriving around midnight. 

Corporate businessmen and their lawyers and technical advisors who are interested in hiring a Hacker can be seen in Johnson Tower as they are having a meeting with Senior Cell Leader Tykes.

January 19th (TUE)
Alice leaves hotel she has been working at 08.00 and spends most of the day sleeping at home, playing with Dali and exercising. She leaves for hotel at 19.00 and gets there by 20.00 starting her shift to guard Ms. Jones. 

Smythe tries again to arrive for work at 8.00 but traffic jams clog up the roads again forcing him to arrive at 10.00. He finishes up the actual text material of the report during the day and leaves (16.00) after the work for BlackEagle Training Center (in 17.00) where rest of the evening goes on subject of various no-lethal weapons like tasers and batons. After the training (17.00 - 20.00) they keep up a small grill party and relax after the strenuous physical exercise. Smythe finally leaves (in 22.00) and heads straight to home for sleep.

January 20th (WED)
Alice leaves hotel she has been working at 08.00 and spends most of the day sleeping at home, playing with Dali and exercising. She leaves for hotel at 19.00 and gets there by 20.00 starting her shift to guard Ms. Jones. 

Smythe manages to get to work at 08.00 and spends his morning putting lots of pretty pictures into report and trying to stylize it into a presentable format. Since his skills in using complicated word processors are somewhat lacking, he asks for secretary to assist him. She agrees on condition of him paying her a lunch tomorrow, which he readily agrees. After secretary turns the report from a pile of pictures and text into a stylish and well-crafted document, he leaves happy to home at 16.00. Rest of the evening goes on fairly uneventfully, with him agreeing to meet his wife on next weekend, if work allows. 

Corporate businessmen and their lawyers and technical advisors who are interested in hiring a Hacker can be seen in Johnson Tower as they are having a meeting with Senior Cell Leader Tykes. They agree on details of contract and decide to start work on project at Friday and arrange a meeting with a team in Monday.

January 21st (THU)
Alice leaves hotel she has been working at 08.00 and spends most of the day sleeping at home, playing with Dali and exercising. She leaves for hotel at 19.00 and gets there by 20.00 starting her shift to guard Ms. Jones. 

Smythe arrives to office early in the morning (07.00) in good mood and prints out the report to everyone involved. Rest of the morning he learns how BlackEagle's bureaucracy works and delivers reports to right people. He learns existence one of the more expensive places in Miami after taking secretary to lunch (12.00) for a place she chose from his expense. After taking secretary back to work (13.00) he drives to shop (14.00) and returns the report to its owner filling the deadline and stays there for several hours to explain what BlackEagle has deemed as suitable solutions for his security problems. He then leaves back home (16.00).

January 22nd (FRI) Session 004: (Hacker-Search)
Alice leaves hotel she has been working at 08.00 and goes to Johnson Tower to check how well Smythe has managed to write a report and is pleasantly surprised to notice it has been good. Smythe appears also to work at 09.00 and receives respectful thanks from Alice who feared worst. Quiet morning breaks up when they are called to meet Senior Cell Leader Tykes for a meeting (at 10.00). 

Tykes warns Cell 10 that client is going to have a meeting with them in Monday morning at 10.00. A hypothetical client would want to get an information technology professional who can potentially make a computer crime. Tykes ask first if anyone in Cell 10 has any qualms of working on this line of business. As no one refuses, they will sign a non-disclosure agreement and then work into more details. Job includes very probably supporting hacker on work as well as "very probably" also infiltration into guarded compound. Smythe has initially little qualms of this but Alice ponders on how upholding law and black and white has changed into gray. 

However, there is also other pressing needs too. Mafia trial's preliminary hearing has reached into critical phase with Henriette Jones being cross-examined right today. Her part in court could end today or possibly continue over the weekend until Monday. Thus Cell 8 has asked for more manpower for over weekend (if clients protection work continues) because valid reason to fear assassination of witness is higher than ever. They agree to phone Cell 10 of situation as soon as they can. At 16.00 Cell 10 learns that they are both needed to reinforce Cell 8 in protection work. It is agreed that Alice takes 20.00 to 08.00 shift and Smythe, or 'Limey', as other BlackEagle people in Cell 8 call him, will take 00.00 to 08.00 shift so that they can leave at the same time. Hours are bad but Cell 8 calls the shots and that is the way to go forwards then. Smythe takes Alice to home and both goes to sleep a bit to rest. Alice also talks with her neighbor old lady of her again taking care of Dali. Old granny agrees readily (like always before) to do it as she has only few friends. 

Routine in witness protection in The Biltmore hotel is fairly simple. One woman is always in bedroom where Jones is kept watching television and reading glossy magazines. Men are in living room watching television, playing cards or lounging about. All food is called from room service and only new BlackEagle people and Jones' lawyer are allowed in. Smythe takes his shift in fairly easy manner. He mostly plays cards with Cell 8 for matches and the rest of the time watches old movies from television. On the other hand Alice is more interested in getting grasp of basics of computer crime and hacking.

January 23rd (SAT)
Alice works out most of the night with her laptop going through the various web sites, mailing lists and newsgroups. She does not really look for hacker but she is more of looking to learn the slang and jargon of the business. Constant reading of FAQs and web sites gives out more data on subject. 

At 08.00 Smythe drives Alice to home and then go home too. Most of the day is pretty much sleeping and resting although Alice takes out Dali for jogging. Smythe goes jogging too (like he always does) but day is otherwise quite peaceful. 

Alice takes a taxi to get into hotel in good time (18.30).

January 24th (SUN)
Alice works out most of the night with her laptop going through the various web sites, mailing lists and newsgroups again. This time she has identified two or three people who seem to know what they are talking about. They seem to put wannabes on their knees as far as knowledge is concerned. However, none of these is a real professional hacker. Some of these guys are talking of 'good old days' but jargon is really everything that can be fished out. 

At 08.00 Smythe drives Alice to home and then goes home too. Most of the day is pretty much sleeping and resting although Alice takes out Dali for jogging and makes food for granny on neighbor eating with her. Smythe spends his Sunday chatting with his wife on phone. 

Alice takes a taxi to get into hotel in good time (18.30). Upon arrival she sees City Attorney's lawyers prepping up Jones for Mondays session. This work has gone through most of the day. Attorney's representatives leave at 21.00.

January 25th (MON)
Alice works out most of the night with her laptop and notices that she has a fairly good grasp on subject matter already and he prowls through the nonsensical posts quickly now. Next she decides to get into conversation with people who seem to know on-line but whole affair turns into fiasco. Apparently her lack of 'cool' nickname (foXXXy Lady) and lack of modern generation's writing skills (2you Plzt!) makes actual conversation something she prefers to forget. Whole night is more of less wasted on the effort. New group comes to escort Jones to court (06.30) and Cell 8 and Cell 10 are freed early. Alice refreshes herself in hotel and Smythe takes her to Johnson Tower and both prepare to meet client for meeting at 10.00. 

This is a first major meeting where they actually see client and BlackEagle managers negotiating. Both parties speak to each other and then lawyers turn their message to language that is suitably vague to make felony charges impossible in court, yet accurate enough to fully convey what is really wanted. Cell 10 is hired to find a hacker who can plan and carry out a computer crime. Client wants technical data from target. Data includes specifications, software modules and data dumps and test results. This data is most probably stored in well-protected intranet and getting this data might require physical breaking and entering to location. Exact location of target is known. To put it shortly, contract specifies Cell 10 has requirement that "Potential Client wants to find potential consultant to study possible information exchange outside company's own core competence." Client's name (or corporation's name) is not said nor put in any document. 

When negotiation ends (12.00), Cell 10 goes forwards on work. Alice intends to get to local university to talk with teachers of computing department on computer security issues. Smythe knows little of these issues but he has a relative who might know and thus he heads for Bahamas. He also suggests that Alice should get some sleep before he goes to investigating because she would be more 'considerate' after sleeping a bit. Muttering herself few selected words Alice goes home to sleep. 

Smythe takes next ATR flight to Bahamas (flight in 15.00) with his goal of meeting his wife's brother, who studies corporate crime and thus would thus have a good concept of how computer security works. Smythe arranges a dinner with him (18.00) and evening continues on line of good dinner and then with drinks. Since Smythe knows that he cannot really use his relative, he goes to ask him to explain how computer security works in general as he is in line of insurance detective work and might be asked to do such things. Furthermore, he asks few good computer security companies to consult with. Smythe gets a fairly good low down, even when remembering how Smythe last time in Christmas vomited on his shirt and managed to accidentally fell Christmas tree and get into fight with military police back in Lympstone in 1996. After all, past is past. They depart (21.30) and Smythe goes home to sleep with his wife (22.00). 

Alice wakes up considerably more refreshed after few hours and takes a taxi to get into Miami University (16.00). She goes to check out Computing Department's announcement board to find out who are lecturer and especially who is Assistant Professor that does actual work (in exercises and tests). She goes to see Assistant Professor William "Will" Davies on his room. Davies is epitome of computer nerd and he almost eats from Alice's hand. Alice plays that she is interested in finding information on computer security due his work as an insurance detective. Thus she asks him to give her basics of area. He is glad to give her few hours worth of lecture answering to almost all questions she has out of hand. After few hours (19.00), Alice thanks him and leaves home for early nights sleep (21.00).

January 26th (TUE)
Smythe informs Alice of what he learned, especially on companies working on subject. He does not, however, have much of hurry to return from his family and thus he investigates subject a bit more by phoning his wife's brother from home. He flies from Bahamas (17.00) back to Miami and goes home (18.00). 

Alice arrives to Johnson Tower in the morning (09.00) and spends her time looking through the list of top students in recent computer security tests. She goes through the credit records and home pages of these students. Work goes through all day (16.00) but she comes out with little solid in terms of new clues. Alice goes home and receives a phone call from Davies who would like to ask her for a date to discuss further on subject. She readily agrees and they meet at 20.00 in The Glove. 

Davies sits in ill-fitting suit and has drunk for courage and Alice notices that neighboring table has group of nerd friends of Davies looking her intensively as if not really believing their friend would ever even see, much less date, such a beautiful creature. Alice does not let this bother but plays out friendly exterior yet professional behavior. Davies really works out everything he can to impress his already stunned friends and to please Alice. End result is that during the evening Davies writes up a list of computer security consultants that she could use on her insurance investigations. However, after a dancing a bit with him, she asks him if he could save her time by showing him those consultants she would really not like to work with, people who are perhaps not so honest. Davies does immediately what she wants.

January 27th (WED)
Davies escorts Alice to home with a taxi (01.30) and since she has no willingness to go further than that she thanks him for the night. However, a devil gets into her and takes off her panties and gives them to very surprised Davies as a souvenir for the night. 

Wednesday morning sees Miami completely clogged with traffic jams and Alice and Smythe cannot get to work until noon. Cell 10 concentrates their studies on list Alice has gotten and by checking out www-pages, credit cards ratings, corporation information, they come out with three promising candidates. All of them seem to get extra consultation fees at irregular intervals from offshore companies. However, one of those candidates gets considerably more money than others do in these irregular payments. Cell 10 digs up until 18.00 and calls it off for the day.

January 28th (THU)
Thursday morning sees Miami working as normal and Cell 10 gets into work right from the start (08.00). Digging up deeper on irregular payments show that they have been paid by offshore companies that do not seem to really exist. They seem similar paper companies that BlackEagle regularly uses. Cell 10 finally concludes (12.00) that they've got their Hacker...Bruce Shea.
January 28th (THU) Session 005: (Hacker-Search)
Afternoon (13.00) sees Cell 10 talking with Armand Bounassist, lawyer of BlackEagle's Miami office. They want to get themselves a front company they can work for when making contact to Mr. Shea. Armand very clearly states that cannot take in any part to kind of underhanded activity that might get him fired from American Bar Association Thus he asks his assistant Linda Motherly to assist Cell 10 in doing exactly this. They learn that BlackEagle lawyers have created several front companies that exist only in paper for this work when necessary. They select to work for Information Technology company called "Paladin Systems". Lawyers arrange a set of paper work (14.00) they need to sign in order to work as consultants for this company. Business cards, company letterheads and other trappings of modern corporate culture are ordered as well. 

Next Mr. Laroche explains to Cell 10 various legal aspects of what they can reveal of their patron's business proposal and especially what they should not disclose to Mr. Shea. Prep-up goes through most of the afternoon and evening (19.00). Highly complicated and very finely defined form of speech of lawyers quickly make Alice Wilcox certain that she made a good choice in her life when she did not became a lawyer. Smythe's muttered comments could not be fully comprehended but he was obviously not enjoying himself on learning the intricacies of legal aspects of their work. With their work done for the day, Smythe drives Alice home (20.00) and both spend fairly quiet evening at their homes.

January 29th (FRI)
Smythe picks up Alice from her home (07.00) and they drive to BE for work (08.00). Paladin Systems officially (juridically) starts to function at 10.00 when public bureaucracy mills through electronic forms and company is finally registered. They also need a secretary for their company that just happens to be Rodrigo Laroche, paralegal secretary of BlackEagle Miami. He is not just a secretary of legal affairs but he also works as a secretary for numerous front companies that BE uses whenever necessary answering their phones and mail when necessary. He phones to Mr. Shea (10.30) for a business meeting and arranges a meeting in a restaurant located in shopping mall in downtown Miami at 13.30 in Monday. 

Rest of the afternoon is spent with Linda Motherly and Armand Bounassist on what Cell 10 members can say to Mr. Shea and what they should not. Bounassassist also preps them up for possible questions and suitably avoidable answers they can use, when necessary. Things go on relatively smoothly and they have been finished at around 14.00. As the gathering is coming to a close both Alice and Michael wait eagerly for their first long weekend off from work in a long time. However, they notice that Senior Cell Leader Tykes is on the prowl again looking at what Cells are available. Cell 10 members cringe in terror at possibility of yet another weekend of working. Mr. Bounassist notices their distress and asking for a reason hears from alice who explains with bright eyes that they really really have free-time activities planned and would hate to postpone them. He agrees to this and promises his help, if he gets a free business dinner in Wednesday. Faced with such choice Alice pretends for a a few seconds of actually checking his calendar for a free spot and sgrees. Bounassist tackles Tykes professionally and quickly takes him to his office "to sign several legal documents urgently". with their route clear, Cell 10 springs into action and disappears into the elevator going down to freedom. during the elevator trip Alice clicks off his beeper so he cannot be reached from office. As both smile at their escape Smythe drive Alicia to home and both separate to spend their weekends. 

Smythe flies to home in Bahamas (16.00). He spends most of the evening eating at home and listening to his wife's endless concerns of their daughters. Rest of the evening goes on reading newspapers, watching telly and pondering seriously on why Southampton still cannot get a good midfield game while they always seem to get decent strikers.

Alice on the other hand is planning on going out for good for first time in Miami. She jumps into a taxi and asks from a driver of what would be a good place for dancing. Taxi takes her thus to Joy Boyz (20.00). After an hour of waiting in line she finally gets in. Action in the club is nothing short of fantastic. Dance floor is packed and action goes on while second floor houses a private club for more exclusive clientele. Alice befriends herself with a group of girls in no time and they keep on dancing and chatting and looking at rich and famous of Miami scene enjoying the night out in private part of the club. They get especially much to talk about when notorious rap artist 2FC comes into club with his girlfriend Penelope Lopez, who is America's number #1 sex symbol and rumored to be deeply in love with him. The couple is surrounded by his crew, rumored to be associated with notorious drug gangs, and then there is a whole posse of some two dozen black guys and their girl friends coming behind them. 2FC is obviously in a good mood and shows off his new blinks and orders champagne for his entire entourage as they go into private club part of the Joy Boyz club. Rest of the evening for mere mortals in first floor is pretty much chatting and gossiping of 2FCs and Miss Lopez affair. Alice leaves home at around 01.00.

January 30th (SAT)
Smythe spends most of his Saturday doing essential work in home such as mowing lawn and taking out garbage. However, after the lunch he gets pestered by Kathleen again and Michael Smythe, MM gasps hard, steels his mind and enter the lion's den of his two daughters to talk with them on how things have been going on. Outwardly things are pretty much what they have been always spiced with breakup of latest boy band but underneath there are real problems at school and with new friends. After an hour or so of somewhat cautious talk Michael decides he cannot go much further and leaves things to be, at least so far. Day continues with going shopping with his wife. In the evening he takes his wife out for a dinner in restaurant and upon return home they continue their discussion on more intimate mood. 

Alice phones his newfound friends in Saturday but only Jane agrees to see her. She does not want to go out (once a week is enough) but a dinner and watching videos at home together sounds much better. They agree to have a meeting later that day and after a dinner and a bottle of wine and some good video things lead to anther and they decide to stay together in Jane's home for that night.

January 31st (SUN)
Smythe lazes in bed and makes some careful reconnaissance checking out the size of his wife's wedding ring while she is on bathroom. First official duty for the day is going to church with children and then taking whole family to dinner. Meanwhile Alice says good byes to Jane and leaves home to take care of his beloved Dali and a chat with her neighbor. 

However, both receive a beeper message and then a text message to cellular from Paladin Systems that they should call to work immediately. As both call to BE, they get a automated message from BE's computer security system that BE's computer system has found out that anonymous hacker has probed Paladin Systems web-site and checked data of that company until stopped by a firewall. Message reminds them that if they believe they might be in danger, they should contact Senior Cell Leader immediately and take whatever actions necessary to protect them. After a series of quick phone conversations Cell 10 comes into conclusion that anonymous hacker must have been Bruce Shea checking up their story. They also think that they are in no real danger and should continue as planned. 

Alice spends in holiday exercising at home and Michael flies back home in 19.00.


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