(8th): MicroTech Comes Out with a New Partner, Cuts Workforce.

MicroTech Inc has announced forming a strategic alliance with German wireless telecommunications company MicroCELL AG. MicroTech spokesman refused to tell exact details of alliance but has stated that it allows them to develop Next Generation Internet Solutions to Access-level hardware vendors. On a related note, MicroTech has announced closing one of its factories in Miami shedding off 275 workers to allow it concentrate better on its core competence areas. It was given a Very Strong Buy from consensus of Wall Street Analysts. Stock value skyrocketed following announcement and rose 4.74% in NASDAQ in very heavy trading.

(17th): High Tech Guru Finally Comes out with a Baby, FBI Embarrassed.

Following rumors of Internet Guru Peter Alexander's small child being kidnapped FBI started a major investigation on issue. However, despite strong pressure from police to explain exactly what has or has not happened, family denied it all. Then after few days of intensive pressure Mr. Alexander came out with his child who was allegedly on a holiday trip on undisclosed location during entire media ruckus. He allegedly described later his ordeal, "FBI should watch less television and concentrate more on solving real kidnapping cases like private sector does". However, his lawyer issued later at day a statement that his comments were completely misunderstood by press and that "Mr. Alexander firmly believes in FBI's excellent work and superb dedicated personnel to protect and serve us all." FBI spokeswoman could not be reached for comment.

(18th) Mafia on Trial. City Attorney Demands a Death Penalty!

Following last weeks dramatic arrest of 22 criminals associated with large-scale car thief ring the court started preliminary hearings. Trial concentrates on four men accused of masterminding whole group and one of them is allegedly a member of Caifano crime family. Attorney spokesman described their activities including large-scale felonies, up to and including a car jacking and death of two persons before. He stated, "We are definitely going for Death Sentence. These hoodlums deserve harshest punishment law has for murder of innocent people." However, legal experts suspect Court will not deliver Attorney's request unless they have ace in hole, such as a witness who actually saw murders.

(25th) Made Man or Stool Pigeon?

With the dramatic testimony of Miss Henriette Jones on Court today, Victor Costello's position looks weaker than ever. Hearings were postponed on request of City Attorney and Defense lawyers. There are rumors that Costello will trade his testimony against Caifano crime family for avoiding electric chair. Attorney spokesman described situation as, "we have gone a long way and we will go a lot further on this one. Caifano family will feel that they are not above the law." Andrea Caifano who is alleged leader of alleged Caifano Crime family dismissed accusations as "groundless nonsense that is used to disturb and harass a honest and honorable businessman".

(29th): Word on the street is: "2FC is the Boss".

Following savage shootout where two predominantly black gangs "the 24-7s" and "The Locos" were wiped out by third gang, allegedly "The Machine". Gangs were allegedly gathering for a meeting when The Machine ambushed them splattering diner with full automatic fire. 7 gang members as well as what police described as "a family of three innocent bystanders" died. The firefight was widely believed to be drug related. The Machine's actions are reportedly inspired by controversial lyrics of rap artist 2FC. Some even claim that they keep 2FC as one of their own, even a boss in the gang. However, rising rap artist 2FC, whose last long play record "Kill da Cops!" just reached US Top 10, could not be reached for comment. This young and highly controversial 18-year old Hip-Hop superstar -one of Miami's own boys who rose from the slums- was reportedly busy.


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