Name:                  Alice Catherine Wilcox
Date of Birth:        5.5.1970
Place of Birth:        Madrid, Spain
Nationality: United States and Spain
Height:  171cm Weight: 58kg
Hair: blue-grayish, longs
Silmät:  brownish green
Skin:  dark (white, tanned)
Education:   King's College, Madrid Spain, 1977 - 1982
                   Centrale Lyon, Lyon France, 1982 - 1986
                   New Jersey High School, Newark NJ, 1986 - 1989
                   Master of Arts in Dance at University of Richmond VA, 1989 - 1994
                   FBI Academy, Quantico VA + field training 1994 - 1996
Work Experience: FBI Special Agent, Newark Field Office, NJ 1996-1998
Interests:    dance (modern) 1988 -,
                        Aikido 1993 -,
                        Pistol shooting 1994 -,
                        gymnastics (floor) 1984 1994 (actively)

Personal Background:
    Alice was born in Madrin Spain in 5.5.1970 as third child of US Cultural Attache Her two brothers (Mark and Stephen) were 6 and 4 years older. Mark left to United Stated in 1981 and Stephan in 1982. Fathers parents live in Newark and all three children have moved there during/after High School, Alice in 1986.

    Older brother Mark is currently in Bangor, Maine as University's Graphical Arts professor. Another brother, Stephen, is a lawyer and works in Washington, D.C. Alice studied in youth in Madrid in english language classes and when father moved to new station in Lyon, Alice studied rest of her studies there. Father Frank worked in various culture related work all over the Europe and family has always moved along with him. Mother Catherine has been tending children and stayed at home living with considerable income of her husband.

   All children have a close relationship with arts due fathers work. However, Alice have not gotten any gifts for graphical arts and thus she started to study dance when she arrived to American High School. Modern Dance was quite interesting to Alice and thus she studied finishing her studies in University of Richmond getting degree in Dance (as well as some legal studies) in 1994. Alice's earlier interest in gymnastics that she had been working for 10 years and started already in Europe was then given less attention after her graduation.

    During her university studies Alice also picked up Aikido and she has kept up the hobby, especially after going to work.

    Following graduation Alice had to choose herself a profession and desided in a mood of daredevilness to apply for FBI. She surprised everyone (and most of all herself by actually getting in despite her somewhat weak legal studies). During training she won twice pistol shooting competition and pistol shooting has become dear hobby to her along with Aikido and dance. After graduation from Quantico she worked as Special Agent in her familiar hometown Newark. After being some three years as FBI agent Alice found out that she really wants something more daring and meaningfull in her life. She just did not see her future in FBI.

    Alice moved to Miami and sent her application to BlackEagle's Miami office. She had heard plenty of stories of BE from her friend in FBI. She felt that BE could offer challenging and changing work compared to bureaucratic FBI life.

Other Things:
    Alice is a good looking woman. She has low and pleasant voice. She wears little jewelry and dresses usually fairly modestly in stylish business dress.Alice comes across as fairly distant as she does not flirt but stays relatively passive, even cold. This has earned her nickname "Ice" from her days in FBI Academy. However, eyes describe a lot of Alice. Her basic attitude is serious so emotions are easy to follow on her eyes.

    Alice is bisexual. She does not make much of her sexuality even if she knows she is 'foxy'. She thinks sex is a way to enjoy and to feel herself good like for example drinking a glass of good wine. She has not had a steady relationship after her relationship with her beloved (woman) ended in Quantico in FBI Academy. She does not have many good friends. Alica has a good relationship with her family but otherwise she can really call her close friends as two of her friends from her days in FBI.

    Atheist. She thinks that religious fanatics are pathetic because they need some kind of utopian creature above themselves.One has to stand with one's own feet. She isn't interested in politics at all.

    Bottom line: Don't break your word. Stand behind what you have said.

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