Physical/Biological Features

*Age:  29, and looks like it even she has experienced alot and has seen a world quite much.
           Is aware about her experience, but it doesn't affect her agelook at all.

*Gender: female, doesn't underline it, but it shows still. Acts neutrally in everyday situations and      doesn't flirt during normal contact with others.

*Height and weight: height 171cm, weight 58 kg, slim and fit body.

*Hair: dark greyish, straight(ish)

*Eyes: browngreen

*Skin: natural tanned (in genes)

*Physical deficiencies: none

*Physical body: bearing: stiff

*Physical body: build: slim but yet athletic

*Movement: movement and rhythm:   so calculative cat like that someone would say slow

*Facial expressions: quite few. Usually don't express her feelings but does bite her lower lip while thinking hard (doesn't noticed it though)

*Voice/speech: low, warm and calm speaking voice. A bit rough voice, just like ones who have drunk too much scotch, even she hasn't.

*Verbal expression: one skilled in listening and dialect can hear that Alice has stayed a long time abroad. Other people can hear eastcoast dialect.

*Inherited genotype: A small waist, beautiful hair, long fingers.

*Clothing/Dressing: Casual but stylish, doesn't wear jewerly

*Overall impression: Foxy by look, but when communicating, people easily get cold and distant impression

*Sexuality: Bisexual. Doesn't underline her sexuality even she knows she's foxy. To her sex is at the moment mean to get pleasure and joy.

*How character expresses physically excitement and emotions: Her eyes tell a lot. When her facial expressions are quite few and basicly serious the difference between eye expressions can be seen easily. When pissed off she stays deadly silent, but yet when she is pleased, her expression is same silent. Go figure.

Psychological Features

*Intelligence/Wisdom: When thinking of her cultural family background and well managing during FBI academy times, she is quite intelligent person.

*Abilities: Speaks few european languages very well (of course, she lived her first 18 years in europe), she does have good memory. What it comes to bodily abilities, Alice has very good muscular coorination and control over her body (dancing and aikido) and quite impressive eye-hand coordination when it comes to shooting with pistols.


*Disposition/temperament: Alice thinks she is realistic, but hars truth is that she is pessimistic person

*Other qualities: talent for graphical observation, good knowledge over art.

*Complexities/unbalancing factors: Dislike music listening. Does like it while dancing (because it comes with a job) but in free time (?) prefers silence.

*Frustrations and most important disappointments in characters life? 1st one was when she realized she doesn't have any talent for graphical art producing even she liked art so much (that's why she chose dancing). 2nd one was when she, quite quickly, realized that FBI was too clinical and old fashioned for her (that's why she left and applied to Black Eagle).

*What kind of pet names character has been given? What do they mean? During FBI academy and FBI special agent times, fellow students and workers gave her nickname "ice", mostly because of her lovely personality. ?

*Emotions (what kind of emotions character usually feels? What kind of  emotions make character most comfortable? Most uncomfortable?) Mostly Alice feels loneliness (at least now in Miami where she doesn't have much friends) and she doesn't like it at all (it's good that she has his dog, Dali, to give some therapy). Having a good time with friends give her much joy and warm for a rainy day.

*Attitudes towards life: Observative

*What character most like in oneself? And what the least? She values her agility and speed. She hates her total lack of graphical talent.

*What features character denies or cannot accept? When people give up when facing difficulties. There is no such thing as giving up for Alice, she likes to face the hardtime and find the solutions for problems.

Family Features

*Immediate and extended family background:
parents: Frank (b. 1944), Catherine (b. 1946)
siblings: Mark (b. 1964), Stephen (b. 1966)

Father works (still) as a cultural attache in europe and whole family has been with him during childrens young age. When children have aged to high school age they have been sent to US to live with Frank's parents in Newark and to get high school diploma and proper education after that.

They lived in Madrid, Spain to 1982 and after that they lived in Lyon, France to 1986 when Alice moved to US to her grandparents.

Elder brother, Mark, left to US in 1981, Stephen in 1982 and Alice herself in 1986.
Mark lives in Bangor, Maine, and works there as a professor in graphical art department at University of Maine. Stephen lives in Washington and works as lawyer (economical crimes).

Catherine's parents died in 60's (so Alice never met them) and Franks both parents died in 1991 (this episode was quite hard to Alice, because she lived with them through 1986 to 1989).

Their family ties are very good, but not as intensive as they used to be, because of living so long distance for eachother. Alice hopes that her parents move to US after father acts like proper pension-age limit exceeded man and stops working. That event should be at hand soon.

*Friends and love interests:  Closest faithful and trusted friend is her dog, Dali. It's rotweiler and it's color is near to black. Only friends outside of work is nice old lady Anna who lives next door to Alices place. Anna takes care of Dali when Alice is too busy with her job to come home.

Lastest love interest (ex since leaving FBI), Margaret, is working still in FBI (Washington). Their relationship is quite healthy after breakage, but distance between them means that only contact they make, are with phone alone.

*Contacts: Back in Newark can be found one special FBI friend (Jack) who worked with Alice as a partner.

Cultural Features

*Place of birth: Born in Madrid, Spain. Moved to Lyon, France when she was 12. Moved to Newark to live with grandparents when 16 and to Richmond (university) when 19.

*Nationality, ethnic and racial background: USA and Spain, US, white.

*Feeling toward occupation: Work is privilegde and a duty. One can make a difference with one's work.

*Surroundings: Plain flat in sort-of-quiet "suburbia" in Miami.

*Mobility: At the moment using taxi but she has some weird urge to buy a car. Fast one.

*Hobbies? Dancing is always close to her heart. Gymnastic exercises have reduced rapidly during last years but Aikido balances that thing. Shooting has been dear hobby since Quantico times and with Dali it is nice to go jogging.

*Special abilities and skills: Skilled is pistol shooting. Agile and quick (based on gymnastic background)

*Religious opinions:  Atheist. One have to manage with one's own.

*Political opinions: She couldn't be less interested in politics. She don't even vote.

*Values: What you promise, that you keep. One has to stand behind one's word.

*Life style: Stylish but plain. tyylikäs mutta pelkistetty. >

*Most important events in person's life:
- Feeling of rootlessness while moving around during childhood and teenage ages.
- Founding out that she is bisexual
- death of grandparents
- Graduating from University
- Getting in to FBI training, Quantico and passing it, easily

*Goals: To have a job which is intersting and giving and what doesn't bore you to death (like FBI), and to develope herself in a new areas of life.

*Dominant expressions and behavior and first impression character gives out: Beautiful package wrapped around cold personality.

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