These women are Alice's closest new friends in Miami.

Jane Winn
    -29 Years old, single.
    -Works in investment bank as a secretary.
    -Wealthy family background that shows in taste of clothing and style in general.
    -Hobbies include movies and night clubbing.
    -Makes well money with stock market.

Mariah Osborne
    -32 Years old, dating for three months with Mark Spencer (lawyer concentrating on economic crimes).
    -Closest friend of Jane.
    -Works in same investment bank.
    -Middle Class income.
    -Hobbies include tennis and movies.

Susan Roberts
    -33 Years old, Melvin Roberts, a private enterpreneur working on antique business.
    -1 Child (3 year old son William).
    -Jane's childhood friend in school in Europe, sophisticated.
    -Worked in her husband's company as sales figure and buyer.
    -Very wealthy lifestyle and they deal with valuable antique to wealthy clientele in upscale neigborhood.
    -Hobbies includes wines, tennis and Yoga.

Nama Kawakami
    -30 Years old, married to Toshiki Kawakami, Ph.D. in Information Technology.
    -Japanese parents, has US citizenship.
    -Child died at age of 3 in car accident three months ago.
    -Works in investment banking company as analyst.
    -Good income, expensive apartment.
    -Hobbies include painting and singing karaoke.

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