Life Story of Derek Wilson-Diaz

Derek was born 5th of June 1967 to a family that already included father, Martin, mother, Gabriela, and a 2-year-old sister, Paula. Three years later another sister, Jennifer, joined the family. He got his schooling at the local English school and spent his time playing in the streets with other kids and playing pelota. After graduation he went to study in Balliol, Oxford, where he majored in political sciences and studied minors in philosophy and art. His goal was to become a diplomat. His first lesson that sometimes words are not enough was during his freshman year when group of drunken football fans decided that he looked like he supported the wrong team and summarily educated him with their knuckles. After the stitches were removed, Derek enrolled to a self-defense class.

To get an advantage when applying for a job in foreign ministry, Derek decided to join the Army. There he ended up in Intelligence Corps. In there he learned a bit about surveillance, moving silently, getting in places and getting out (preferably alive). He also learned a lot about mental stamina, when he was green-hatted when his company was assigned to work with RM in Northern Ireland.

After his 3 years in the Army were over, joining Foreign Office and working as diplomat just didnít seem exciting enough. So he was quick to accept the offer to join SIS instead. They taught him a lot more about electronics, shadowing, and the fine art of burglary and those nasty things humans do to each other.

His years in MI-6 office were centered in investigating two things and connections between those things. These things were terrorism (mainly IRA) and drugs. He mainly operated in Spain working together with local authorities, but also made some visits to France, Italy and northern Africa. His last assignment was an undercover mission posing as a small-time smuggler driving between Spain and France. This two-year job ended with a 4-month period that was spent inside Spanish prison. This period caused a few things:
a) His pelota-skills were honed back to the way they were in childhood
b) Derek started to lift weights and got his 1st (and only) tattoo
c) He realized that his nerves just couldnít take it anymore.
So after resigning when mission was complete, Derek went on vacation to get rid of the paleness of the skin. In Miami he heard about BE2 and immediately sent his application.

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