Physical/Biological Features
*Age 32
*Gender Male
*Height and weight: 180cm 72kg
*Hair, eyes and skin color: Black, brown, tan
*Physical deficiencies: None.
*Physical body: bearing outwardly relaxed
*Physical body: build: athletic
*Movement: movement and rhythm: goes with the flow
*Facial expressions: slightly bored, sleepy expression
*Manners: Very quiet body language, tries not to draw attention
*Voice/speech: gestures and moves: Soft baritone, talks quietly
*Verbal expression: always fit the situation / role, normally very mild mannered
*Inherited genotype: Mediterranean
*Clothing/Dressing: blending to surroundings
*Overall impression: chameleon
*Sexuality: Always on his mind (He is a Man after all) but it is not allowed to impair his judgment when working.
*How character expresses physically excitement and emotions: when he feels he is working, not at all. At his own time very verbally.

Psychological Features
*Intelligence/Wisdom: quite smart, tries to rely in his head but has occasional gut-feelings that he listens to.
*Abilities: Bi-lingual home (English and Spanish), learned Arabic during his work
*Disposition/temperament: Slightly fatalistic, careful in a way that some would think nears paranoia
*Other qualities: very observant, tends to dress to part not his own taste.
*Complexities/unbalancing factors: quite disillusioned about the world, and left quite nervous by his profession.
*Frustrations and most important disappointments in characters life?
Burned out with his previous job, often wonders if a quiet life as civil servant or diplomat would have been better.
*Attitudes towards life: nervous
*What character most like in oneself: Professionalism
 And what the least: Weakness (Feels that he should have done better)
*Hidden features in characters personality: Behind the collected face is a part that is just waiting to snap. He was burned out by the constant state of adrenalin rush and now that it is gone he craves for more.

Family Features
*Immediate and extended family background:
Father is an English bureaucrat in Gibraltar and mother is a local teacher.
Older sister teaches chemistry in university of Edinburgh; still a single. Younger sister is an assistant coach (married to the coach/owner) in steeplechase stable in Newmarket, has one child.
*Friends and love interests: None really, undercover work really is lethal to your social life. Had a brief affair with his liaison to Spanish Police, but she married a stockbroker (smart choice).

Cultural Features
*Place of birth: Gibraltar
*Nationality, ethnic and racial background: British national, English-Hispanic mix.
*Former Occupation: MI-6 operative: surveillance / covert entry specialist.
*Hobbies: Krav Maga, cars and Art (Paintings of Renaissance and Baroque-periods)
*Special abilities and skills: surveillance, covert entry, and self-defense
*Political opinions: Life long member of the sleeping party. Would vote for Liberal Democrats if pressed. Hates Tories.
*Values: when allowed, one of the more ethical people around (minor in philosophy) but: morals are one thing but survival is everything. In fact, it is the only thing.
*Most important events in person's life.
1) Got beat-up by hooligans during his freshman year -> made him decide to start practicing self-defense.
2) Decision to join army to get better resume before attempting an entrance to Diplomatic Corps -> Joined Intelligence Corps and learned his trade
3) Accepting an assignment that placed him inside Spanish jail for 4 months -> made him realize it was time to move on.
*Goals: Just help me make it through the night…
*Dominant expressions and behavior and first impression character gives out:
Wherever you see him, you’ll think he fits right in, and when you see him second time in different clothing you have trouble remembering that you even saw him before.

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