El Gatto Blanko - a Boozing Establishment in a Miami style.


Owner/Cook Eduardo "Eddie" Valandez
    -Ex-ship cook, 45 years old, 170 cm, 100 kg
    -bearded, and starting to lose hair
    -Often in bar after the kitchen has been closed
    -firm belief in investing to wrong horses in races

Owner/Bartender Antonio "Tony" Valandez
    -Cousin of Eduardo, 45 years old, 190 cm, 100 kg
    -No beard, beginning to lose hair
    -Ex-prize fighter with too many hits to head
    -Good homored "good pal", that keeps the place on-line
    -Keeps a baseball bat, just in case

Assistant Bartender Chevo Ramirez
    -22 years old, 175cm, 60 kg
    -Well-groomed, perhaps too cool looks
    -Ex-gangbanger and now a proud father (shows you pictures)

Waitress Rita Chavez
    -About 20 years old, student, 170 cm, ?? kg (ask if you dare)
    -Neighbourhood girl, working to get money to study
    -The Greatest Fan of P-Lo(tm). Owns all records.

Waitress Maria Valander
    -23 years old Tony's nephew, student, 178 cm, ?? kg
    -Works to get money for medical school

Bar Flies

Rey Santana
    -No relation (unfortunately)
    -35 years old construction worker, gang-banger in younger age
    -No bigger crimes or prison sentences

Tito Martinez
    -28 years old car mechanic
    -Ex-ganger who spent time behind bars from assault
    -First who walks on four feet in evening
    -Sister is the much advertised (and roller-coaster figured) Juanita

Arturo "Oso" Sanchez
    -27 years old bear-like man (over 2 meters of real muscle)
    -Construction worker, no gang background
    -In prison for a manslaughter (killed a man in a bar fight when was 17 years old)
    -Quiet and calm, almost never too much rat-fased.

Miguel Ortega
    -About 30 year old unemployed
    -Thinks he is a Pool shark (true) and Stud Poker Ace (not true)
    -Supported by his wife, which is a sore point to him. Carries a knife.

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