Physical/Biological Features

*Age:  40, but he looks as he was in his early thirties, only wrinkles around his eyes show his age.
*Gender: male. Not a macho type, but definitely a male.
*Height 5’11”, 190 lb of pure muscle, kept fit with 22 years of yomping.
*Hair: light brown. Eyes: Green and skin color: healthy almost tan of someone used to outdoors life.
*Physical deficiencies: none.
*Physical body: bearing: relaxed, at peace with himself and his failings.
*Physical body: build: athletic, slim muscular look of cross-country skier.
*Movement: movement and rhythm: relaxed but calculatedly non-wasteful.
*Facial expressions: very animate, does a really good “I am so disappointed with you” and “This hurts me more than you” faces.
*Manners: very precise movements, no wasted motions.
*Voice/speech: very articulate & clear. Never seems to raise his voice. But when needed, can be heard without shouting.
*Clothing/Dressing: Very Casual, some would say gray
*Overall impression: Clean, competent, and forgettable.
*Sexuality: Comfortable with his own, and appreciates women but fanatically faithful to his wife.
*How character expresses physically excitement and emotions: A great range of serious expressions, not really equipped for happier emotions. Rumors claim he has been seen smiling outside of work.

Psychological Features
*Intelligence/Wisdom: Smarter than people give credit to (idiots do not last long in RM), very practical common sense approach to life.
*Abilities: Very good natural eye-hand coordination, and a talented climber.
*Disposition/temperament: Orderly, careful and not easily panicking.
*Other qualities: Very observant, has an imagination but doesn’t display it unneeded, quite good judge of man character, appears insensitive, very conservative taste, knowledge lacking in several aspects of “civvies”-culture (fashion, music, TV-shows) but quite aware of what is going on in world.
*Complexities/unbalancing factors: somewhat schedule oriented.
*Frustrations and most important disappointments in characters life?
? Breakage of the 1st marriage
? Being away when first child was born
? Not being there for the children & wife
*What kind of pet names character has been given? What do they mean?
  We shall see…
*Attitudes towards life: Relaxed: days come, days go and there is nothing to do about them.
*What character most like in oneself? Honesty, unyieldingness
And what the least? Inability to express feelings overtly, Lack of formal training
*How character relates to oneself? He is at peace with himself
*How character relates to other members of group?
 He is a team player, as long as other members of team at least try to carry their own weight. Cheaters and people who don’t even try get no sympathy
*Hidden features in characters personality
In the end, he is a big ‘softie’. He doesn’t really show it, but he really cares about people around him. Despite his grim demur, he is in no way embarrassed to get caught pushing shopping cart for his wife or cooking lunch for his children.

Family Features

*Immediate family:
Parents: Malcolm (d. 1975) Sheila (d. 1983)
No siblings.
Ex-Wife:  Joanna (39), remarried, lives in suburbs of Houston, TX.
Daughter: Megan (19)
Wife:      Kathleen (33), nurse
Daughters: Patricia (11)
 Deirdre  (9)
Mother-in-Law Siobhan Flaherty (61) runs and owns a hotel in Bahamas. Widower. Recently suffered a heart attack.
Brother-in-law Sean Flaherty (35), Detective, White-collar-crime task force, Freeport Married with 3 children
Sister-in-Law Deborah Flaherty (29), orthopedic surgeon, single, Miami
*Contacts (other people that character keeps contact)
  Several ‘old boys’ that also were Royals, most notably
Douglas Reynolds (39) is charter-sailor, Caribbean during winter, Mediterranean during summer. He was member of characters squad in Falklands. Later went SB and retired after loosing an eye in Ireland.
Gathers information for MI6/Interpol.

Cultural Features
*Place of birth: Birmingham
*British, Englishman and white.
*Occupation: Retired Royal Marines Warrant Officer
*Surroundings: Currently resides in Freeport, Gran Bahamas and is becoming restless doing nothing except teaching his daughters to scuba dive.
*Hobbies: mountaineering, flying kites.
*Special abilities and skills: parachuting, scuba diving, climbing, covert movement, surveillance, skiing, and sniper.
*Religious opinions: Anglican by birth, not necessarily by belief
*Political opinions: Votes for labor, because it lesser of two evils.
*Most important events in person's life
? Death of father when 16
? Joining up with RM at age of 18
? First Tour in North Ireland
? First marriage and birth of first child
? Falkland War
? Divorce and death of mother in same year
? Second marriage
? Retirement from RM, last post as Senior NCO in Brigade Patrol Group
*Goals: Short term: Find life after Royals
        Long term: make sure the children are taken care of.
*Dominant expressions and behavior and first impression character gives out: Seriously relaxed.

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