First, give a good long thought on your character and what kind of character you'd like to play. Get a picture of your character and think carefully why she'd join BlackEagle/BlackEagle. Then...

1) Write answers to following questions concerning your characters background, life experiences and attitudes towards life.

2) Write a concise life story for your character, where you state, for each year major things that happened in character's life, such as where character has been and what character has done. Put special emphasis on friends and family members.

3) Write Curriculum Vitae and job application letter for your character.  It should reflect character in her attempt to join BlackEagle/BlackEagle for employment. You may direct your letter to:
        Recruitment / Logistics and Procurement Branch
        BlackEagle/BlackEagle Security and Investigations Corporation
        Johnson Tower, Paradise Drive 223
        06223 Miami

4) Ponder where your character lives in Miami. It should include at least rough idea of what part of city character lives.

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