SS-Standarte Tor was raised in summer 1938 (1st June 1938) during expansion of SS-VT as a personal project of its commander and founder, Herr Dr. Dr., Obersturmbannfuhrer, Jurgen Eugen Von Eberbach, Professor of Race Hygiene and Classical History in University of Nürnberg. It fulfilled his life long dream of finding military glory. However, he soon learns that War is thougher than he thought...
    SS-Standarte Tor before the War (1938-1939)
    SS-VT SS-Standarte Tor in Poland (1939)
    Waffen-SS SS-Divisionen Tor in Scandinavia (1940)

SS-Fliegergruppe Loki was raised in summer 1935 (1st July 1935) during expansion of Third Reich various security organizations as a personal brain child of SS-Reichführer Heinrich Himmler. Its founder and first commander is Herr Dr. Dr., Oberführer, Kurt Eduard Von Eberbach, doctor of Race Hygiene and Ornithology in University of München. Its commander feels that this unit fullfils his wish to study Birds in nature while fullfilling his national socialistic duty as a front line officer. However, he soon learns that skies of Europe are bloodier than he ever imagined...
    SS-Fliegergruppe Loki before the War (1935-1939)
    SS-Fliegergruppe Loki in Poland (1939)
    SS-Fliegergruppe Loki in Scandinavia (1940)

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