This Web page is intended to give information for gamers of various miniature and strategy games that are being gamed in Oulu area by CRYO members in CRYO conventions and meetings.

SKYFIGHT is a dog fight simulating miniatures game intended to simulate in a fast and furious way air combat in 1960 to 1985 period. This rules set is simply but shoddily collected and had definitely needed some extra work to make it fully functional.

KUPARIVAIPPA is a Finnish rule set created by Riku Siren, Kari Heiskanen and Janne Niinivaara. The game falls somewhere between role-playing and 'pure' infantry skirmish game as it mixes both fields. System is simple to play and it seems to give realistic (how very elusive word that is) results.

Challenger 2000 is a skirmish scale game intended to simulate a battalion sized mechanized battlegroup. Rule set is quite complicated and it stresses technical side of modern warfare. Fights tend to be quite slow and it is not suggested for gamers with little patience.

WRG 1950-2000 (and WRG 1925-1950) is a skirmish scale game intended to simulate a battalion sized mechanized battlegroup. This rule set has well made artillery system and it is fairly popular rule set.

Corps Commander (and Korps Commander) is a 'Grand Tactical' (what ever that is anyways) scale miniatures game. It has relatively simplified (at least compared to many 1980's rule systems) game system and flow allows fielding large armies.

Armies that Never Were discribes wide variety of militaries built up for wargaming purposes. They are mostly military wargaming tools that provide challenging (and at least different) enemy for wargaming compared to same old tread of units.

Armies that Might Have Been describes variety of "real" armies that have been built on more or less existing armies. These offer opponents and what-if's for gamers looking for something else than usual fodder.

Additional Information describes useful places to visit for those interested in playing strategy and miniatures games as well as a small group of useful links that might be interesting to gamers.

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