Corps Electronic Warfare Regiment (1450)
    Commander (1)
    Staff (9)
    Electronic Warfare Center (10)
    Staff and Logistics Company (130)
    Signals Interception and Locating Battalion (350)*
    Signals Interception and Locating Battalion (350)*
    Jamming Battalion (300)**
    Signals Company (150)***
    Signal Analysis Company (150)****

*Signal interception and transmitter location is possible from both air and ground. Battalion has 35 VHF-HF band signal eavesdropping locations and 15 VHF-HF band direction location points. Battalion has also 12 IR band intelligence systems.

**Jamming is possible from ground and air. Battalion has 15 VHF-HF band jamming transmitters, 8 radar and missile jammers and 6 IR system jamming systems.

***Creates and maintains necessary communications for electronic warfare.

****Research unit.

Electronic Warfare Center works usually with Corps Headquarters.

Staff and Logistics Company
    2 Light Helicopters

Signals Interception and Locating Battalion
    4 Light Helicopters
    8 Medium Helicopters

Jamming Battalion
    2 Light Helicopters
    6 Medium Helicopters