Harjvahv A2 is a Finnish Defence Forces exercise enemy that was approved into use in 20th November 1979. It is publicly avaialbe force that combines basic features from Soviet and American militaries.

Basic Features
-Personnel strengths are small.
-Units are fully motorized and crosscountry mobility of vehicles is good. Different specilized vehicles will be provided for troops in center of effort.
-Tactics is very straight and direct. It emphtises concentration of troops and fire and importance of mobility and surprise.

Basic Organization
A2 Keltainen is divided into Armies. Each Army commands 3 to 5 Army Corps and each Army Corps commands 3 to 5 divisions. Division is the basis of military and it is typically divided into four brigades. These brigades are supported by a common divisional assets. Total divisional assets have been represented here.

Organization of Divisional Brigades
Divisional Type Infantry Brigades Mechanized Infantry Brigades Tank Brigades
Infantry Division 3 1 -
Mechanized Infantry Division - 3 1
Tank Division - 1 3

Individual Unit Organizations
        Infantry Division
        Mechanized Infantry Division
        Tank Division
        Army Corps Units
          Corps Reconnaissance Regiment
          Corps Airborne Brigade
          Corps Artillery
          Corps Air Defence Brigade
          Corps Engineer Brigade
          Corps Signals Regiment
          Corps Logistics
          Corps Aviation Regiment
          Corps Electronic Warfare Regiment
    Air Force
        Tactical Air Army
        Naval Infantry Battalion Battlegroup

Equipment Notes
    Harjoitusvahvuus A2 Keltainen has no 'real' equipment at all. Instead all of the equipment is represented in generic terms (and with only short generic equipment notes). Some pieces of equipment have two alternatives, one that could come from West and one that could come from the East.

    Following pieces of equipment are merely approximations what these might resemble for systems that have enough data to make educated quess:
    Air Force:
        Fighter 1 (Mig-21)
        Fighter 2 (Phantom)
        Attack Helicopter 1 (Cobra)
        Attack Helicopter 2 (Mi-24)
        Towing Tractor (tracked) (MT-LB)
        Tracked APC (family) (M113)
        Wheeled APC (family) (BTR-60PA)
        MICV (BTR-60PB) (In some exercises this was changed to BMP-1)
        Reconnaissance Tank (PT-76)
        Light Tank (Sheridan)
        Wheeled Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle (BRDM-2)
        AAMG 1 (14.5mm ZPU series)
        AAMG 2 (12.7mm)
        Close SAM (Redeye, Strela, equivalent)
        SP AA Gun Tank (ZSU-23-4)
        SP SAM Tank (SA-9)
        Light AA Gun (ZU-23-2)
        Medium AA Gun (Bofors L/70)
        Medium SAM system A (Hawk)
        Medium SAM system B (SA-6)
        Heavy SAM system A (Nike Hercules)
        Light RCL (Carl Gustav)
        Heavy RCL (SPG-9)
        AT Gun (Soviet 100mm AT Gun)
        Heavy ATGW system (TOW)
        Light ATGW system (Sagger)
        Heavy Mortar (generic 120mm Mortar)
        Light Mortar (generic 81mm Mortar)
        Super Heavy Howitzer (US 203mm SP Howitzer)
        Super Heavy Cannon (US 175mm SP Cannon)
        Heavy Howitzer (generic 150-155mm Howitzer)
        Heavy SP Howitzer (generic 150-155mm SP Howitzer)
        Light Howitzer (generic 105mm Howitzer)
        Light SP Howitzer (S1 122mm SP Howitzer)
         Artillery Missile A1 (FROG series)
        Artillery Missile A2 (Honest John series)
        Ballistic Missile A1 (Lance)
        Ballistic Missile A2 (Scud)