Brief Description Infantry skirmish rules that include RPG aspects. Best suited to run a series of very small scale (no more than two squads on each side) infantry skirmishes. 
Period 20th Century
Scale Turn is 5 action phases of 1 second each, 1 cm on map equals 1 meter on ground.
Basing Stand represents individual soldier.
Contents 10 or so pages of rules
Designer Riku Siren, Kari Heiskanen, Janne Niinivaara
Publisher Privately available rules set


Rules Book
    No rules changes and additions have so far been necessary.

War Gear
    No new unit types or hardware has been introduced.

Units and Army Lists
    No new units or armies have been added.

Wars and Battles
    Charlie Don't Surf! - Redux. This group of scenarios and campaigns are based on Eero Juhola's original Charlie Ei Surffaa RPG/Skirmish campaigns and scenarios. They were originally gamed with Leading Edge's Phoenix Command ("Nothing else will do!") rule set that had been augmented with Games Designer Workshop's 1st edition Twilight:2000 RPG Rules ("Only game in town!"). Original ruleset made playing without a help of a computer practically impossible. However, the scenarios and campaigns are incredibly entertaining and well done and thus they have been redone for KUPARIVAIPPA system.

    Dogs of War. This scenario concept was built on Eero Juhola's original Sodan Koirat RPG/Skirmish scenario ran in Finnish RopeCon 96 role-playing convention. the scenario has been changed to KUPARIVAIPPA system and several new smaller scenarios have been added to bolster scenario repertoire.