Missile Rules

Missile Rules shown in Skyfight rules set are vague to the point of criminal negligence and they make using missiles practically impossible.

Following rules changes should be used to clarify use of missiles:
Radar missiles need Radar lock-on that must be maintained during whole flight to SAR (semi-active radar homing) missiles.  Target may use ECM on every Phase it is being targeted at. Target may divide its ECM points to jam multiple enemy radars (that are currently used to target it).

Missiles fly like they were "aircraft". Every missile has flight time: (Phases) END, which show maximum number of Phases it may flight. SP is speed of missile and is used in same way as Speed of aircraft but missile may only fly on maximum speed.Alt Range is maximum number of altitude levels missile can rise or drop in Bound. Actual missile can be jammed by target using ECM points against missile's AF (Attack Factor) in similar fashion as ECM is used against radar's (Rad) factor.