Gun Fire and Effects of Hits

Gun Fire rules and effect of hit determination are fair. However, minor tweaks have been introduced to get more varied results and little bit of more 'realism' (we all have opinions on that, don't we?).

Gun Fire modifiers based on target position to firer have been determined as following:
0 if firer is on back 90 degree of target rear.
+2 if firer is on frontal 90 degree of target front.
+1 otherwise.

Plane hit can get three kinds of results: Destroyed, damaged and no damage. For example a S missile hitting aircraft with Survivability 5 has following result matrix: no damage: 1-3, damaged: 4-5 and destroyed 6-10).  No damage means that plane has not been hit in any serious way and can continue fight in same way. Destroyed means that plane is immediately destroyed. Alternative is damaged aircraft. If damaged aircraft is again damaged (due further enemy fire), it is destroyed.