Brief Description Miniatures dogfight game that concentrates on modern 1960-1985 period of air combat. Rules are shoddily written and have unnecessary complexities at places while whole sections of essential rules seem to be left away in other parts. Abysmal Product quality.
Period Modern (1960-1985)
Scale Bound is up to 30 seconds with. each turn is divided into ten phases of three seconds each, 1 cm = 400 meters. Aircraft are represented by individual models.
Basing Stand represents separate aircraft or missile.
Contents 16-page rules booklet 
Designer Dave Conyers
Publisher Table Top Games, 1983


Rules Book
SKYGFIGHT rule set is unplayable as it has been written. Following rule chances have been deviced to make the game playable.
    A. Initiative, Movement and Actions
    B. Radar Rules
    C. Missile Rules
    D. Gun Fire and Effects of Hits
    E. Large Scale Scenario Gaming
    Skyfight Gaming Aid (Microsoft Word document)

Units and Army Lists
    Pilot Quality List
    Missile Lists
        AAM List
        SAM List
    Aircraft Lists
        United States
        Soviet Union
        NATO Countries
        Other Countries

Wars and Battles
SKYFIGHT does not have any scenarios or scenario generating system on its own. Thus it has been necessary to build up scenarios from other air combat rule systems for play.
    10 Scenarios from GDW's "Air Superiority"
    10 Scenarios from Avalon Hill's "Flight Leader"