Following armies did not exist but they might have been if there had been enough time and resources. Some of these armies are pretty much inspired on what there existed and they depict variety of things that could have happened.

Suomen Armeija 1942 is Finnish Defence Forces organization plan made in 1942. Originally amry was supposed to change from division based organization into Brigade based organization. however, plan mutated beyond belief. However, such a military would have presented interesting organization to toy around with large number of nimble brigades instead of rigid divisions. Particularly interesting campaign could be fought using this organization against real Soviet campaign that stormed Finland in summer, 1944.

Early 1990's Vision of Future Russian Army is built on FDF's publication on possible Russian military's developments in early 1990's. The organization depicts change to Corps-Brigade organization laced with existing units from 1980's Army-Division-Regiment organization.

Late 1990's Vision of Future Russian Army is built on two FDF's publications on development of military art in Russia. These publications present a military that is a mixture of divisionbal and Brigade formations creating fairly flexible enemy for gamers looking for varied units for operational level games. Late 1990's Vision of 21st Century Russian Army shows how these two publications estimated Russian military might finally end up having.